Walkabout Managua, Nicaragua

In 1972 Managua was almost completely flattened by an earthquake. The country is poor and the city still has not recovered. Large areas of downtown are flat and devoid of buildings.  Poverty is a real issue in Nicaragua. 80% of Nicaraguans live on less than two dollars a day 🙁

Sidewalks can be hazardous in Central America

Be careful when you walk the streets of Central America. The sidewalks are often in very poor condition – or non-existent. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tripped and almost fallen; that includes this morning’s walk.

Watch your step!

While in Managua I intended to do day-trips to León and Granada. I may not do that. I’m feeling a bit lazy and I’m enjoying staying in the gym and exercising 🙂

This church was completely gutted (and still is) as a result of the 1972 earthquake; 46 years ago. Catedral Santiago de Managua, Managua, Nicaragua.
One of the many, many “trees of life” in downtown Managua; 42 feet tall (13 meters).
Malecón de Managua
Lake Managua “Lago Xolotlán”
Presidential Palace, Managua, Nicaragua
Avenida Bolívar, Managua
Rotonda Hugo Chávez, Managua
Managua used to be plagued by power outages. Apparently, this problem isn’t completely resolved. This is downtown Managua during a 3.5 hour outage.
These shacks lining the road are part of the UCA bus station (pronounced “ooka”) – Universidad Centroamericana, Managua
The chunky milk I poured on my cereal. Ugh. Time to do some more grocery shopping.
This is a typical Nicaraguan breakfast in my favorite Managua coffee shop. Two tostadas topped with beans, scrambled eggs, salsa and avocado slices on the side. Yummy. Molino Coffee Shop, Reparto Lomas de Guadalupe, Managua.

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