Toluca means, “Hill of the God, Tolo”

The #1 rated restaurant in Toluca is only three blocks from my place, so I had to try it. It was fantastic! Brilliant ambience. Brilliant food. Plus two Coronas. Price? $12.91 USD.

Are you kidding me???

Double meaning. “Capital con valor” can mean the capital with value or the capital with bravado.

Now, don’t rush out to buy plane tickets to Toluca. It’s not really worth visiting for most people. It’s actually quite industrial except for the very nice residential areas in the city center. That’s why I’m only staying here a week.

Alameda Central Park, downtown Toluca, MĂ©xico

The city is small and you need to squint hard to see the beauty in it.

Where’s Latka Gravas when you need him? (anyone get that joke?) 🙂

But hey, the food is great and they have a Starbucks that opens at 6:00! Gotta love that! 😉

La Esperanza PanaderĂ­a, Toluca, MĂ©xico

I ate too many pastries at a bakery today.

CafĂ© Mexicano – in MĂ©xico. Makes sense.


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