I’ve decided to stay in Puebla until the end of October – I think.

Loosely translates as, “coming soon”.

Then, I might just head on south to Guatemala or Belize.

The ferris wheel in this photo is named, “La Estrella de Puebla”.

The life here is good. Perfect weather. Excellent food and coffee.

The stage being set up for the weekend party downtown.

I was living in a penthouse overlooking the city. It was good, but I wanted to move around.

I chose a hotel in the heart of downtown; near the Zócalo.

The block around the city center known as the, “Zócalo” is packed with excellent restaurants.

Once I checked into the hotel in the heart of downtown I discovered, 1) it had no wifi 2) it was being remodeled and you could hear hammering and electric saws all day, and 3) the only reason I chose the hotel was for the gym and it was off limits due to remodeling as well.

I moved out after one night.

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Puebla, México
The view from the hotel where I only spent one night. Hustle and bustle!
I was surprised to see this downtown. I remember thinking I hoped nobody was hurt. Ten minutes later ambulances, police and even the military showed up. It was a staged practice drill 🙂

Instead, I moved into a place that couldn’t be more different. Now I’m very far from the city center – well into the suburbs in a gated community. I didn’t realize it was in a gated community when I rented it online, but…okay. It’s not my style either, really. I rented this place for the gym. Turns out the “gym” is a tiny room with two treadmills.


Part of the gated community, “Las Lomas de Puebla”. Posh streets and posh restaurants. Very nice, but not really my style.

No big deal. I’m only here for 11 nights.

The area is nice tho’.




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