New crib in Puebla, Mexico

I took a chance and rented an Airbnb for a month. It came with a 40% discount ┬ásince I was willing to stay for 30 days. Nearly half-off is a compelling argument. The place is great. I’m within a 10-minute walk to two posh shopping malls, tons of fancy restaurants and a number of parks with walking/running trails. This is great. Price? $1,300 USD. I think it’s a steal.

Popo Volcano blowing off some steam

This place even has a gym! It feels so good to warm the old muscles up again. I do miss being in a penthouse. I’ll have to search closely for one wherever I end up going to next.

Angel├│polis, Puebla

In my current building I bring the door guys cookies every 3-4 days. They seem to like that. I don’t know what a security guard makes in Mexico, but I’m thinking it ain’t much.

Near Parque del Arte, Puebla

I even have my choice of four Starbucks locations. Not too shabby!

My current flat is inside the red rectangle. Two volcanoes in the background.

My rental here ends on 31 October. Where to next? Mexico City? Guatemala City? Havana? I’m not sure yet. I need to think it over.

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