Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is great. It’s much, much calmer than any other capital city I’ve visited in Latin America. Some of it is poor and run down a bit, but it’s a nice city.

The Buquebus “Francisco”

I left Buenos Aires and traveled to Montevideo on the Buquebus “Francisco” ferry. It’s a jet engine powered hydrofoil and it crossed the Río de la Plata in only two hours. Brilliant.

Sitting up front and center in first class. Well worth the extra money. We left Buenos Aires just as the sun was about to rise.
Plenty to eat and drink on offer – at an extra cost
The sun rising over the Río de la Plata
You have to wear booties on board. Gotta keep the place looking good.
Arriving in Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo port

My home in Montevideo for four days; the Palacio Salvo.
The Palacio Salvo was visited by the Graf Zeppelin in 1934.
Montevideo has an excellent walking area along the coast
Parque Jose Enrique Rodó, Montevideo, Uruguay
Some areas of Montevideo are a bit ragged around the edges
I was surprised to see a military parade just outside my building’s entrance. I looked it up later. Apparently, I was here for the The Battle of Las Piedras Day celebrations. (Día de la Batalla de las Piedras). Hmm. Who knew? 🙂
Waterfront area, Montevideo
Pedestrian shopping area in the old city, Montevideo, Uruguay
Old city Montevideo