Land of volcanos and earthquakes; Puebla, México

The bus trip from Cuernavaca to Puebla took about three hours. I bought two tickets so I could spread out and relax. It was a fast and relaxing ride.

My last day in Cuernavaca. Can you spot the misspelled word in the photo? Parque Alameda, Cuernavaca.

I made sure to book seats on the left side of the bus because I had a feeling we’d have some great views of Popocatépetl Volcano from the highway – and we did!  What a beautiful volcano. I might take a trip to see her up close while I’m here.

It’s good to have lots of coins on you. Every day includes someone begging for spare change.

The area I’m staying in Puebla is sweet! Super-wide sidewalks, relaxed atmosphere, a Starbucks 15 paces from my flat and about a dozen first class restaurants along the main boulevard. I love this. I might have to extend my planned two-week stay here.

The view from my bus. Popocatépetl Volcano is sublime. Colloquially known simply as, “Popo”, she’s been in an active eruption cycle since 2004. Popocatépetl is a Nahuatl word meaning, “Smoking Mountain”.

The condo I’m renting is fantastic. It’s new, all the furniture is new, the finishes are new, I’ve got two bedrooms, a gym and a 24-hour receptionist at the door leading into the building.

Rolling into Puebla on the Línea Oro bus.