From Toluca to Cuernavaca, México

I couldn’t find a first class bus to Cuernavaca. Apparently it’s such a short trip, they only have second class buses. That means stopping every 15 minutes to load and unload passengers along with seats that are not assigned, nor comfy. The trip on a second class bus would have taken 3.5 hours. Bleah 🙁

I got up early on travel day and ordered an Uber! Ha ha! 🙂

Getting to Cuernavaca wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

The first Uber driver showed up and once I got in he was shocked to see I wanted to go all the way to Cuernavaca; a 2+15 hour drive by car. He thought it over and then claimed he didn’t have proper signage onboard in case he got a flat tire on the way.

Really? That’s the best excuse you have, buddy?

I picked up my laundry at a local dry cleaner’s – see next photo for an explanation

That trip was cancelled and I ordered another Uber. Grrr. He showed up and once I got in…yep, “You’re going to Cuernavaca???? Are you kidding?”

These Uber drivers just accept ride requests without bothering to look at the final destination wasting my time and pissing me off.

While the clerk was getting my laundry, I snapped this photo. This is the very hot steamer he uses to steam clothing. On top is apparently where he cooks lunch. Clever 🙂

He started to make an excuse as to why he couldn’t go to Cuernavaca. I just cut him off, asked him to please cancel the fare and got out of his damned car. He stank like cigarettes anyway.

Uber #3 showed up and I was getting a little angry. I didn’t even try to get in his car. I walked up to the driver window and said curtly, “Voy a Cuernavaca, bien?”

He thought it over for a second…”Sí, bien, bien.”

Cuernavaca has the nicest Starbucks I’ve ever been in. It even has a coffee-making museum you pass through before ordering.

Hmmm. Okay, cool. Here we go! He was a pretty cool guy. I really got a workout in Spanish over the next two hours. I couldn’t remember the word for, “skills”. I thought it was “habilidades”, but I wasn’t sure. Turns out I was right. I need to trust myself more, but I feel so damned rusty. I also forgot the word for employer – “empleador”. Grrr again. It’s okay. Mistakes will help me remember words in the future.

Cost for the trip? 850 pesos or $45 USD. Wow, that seems so cheap for such a long trip. I tipped him very well.

This is my house. Four levels (count ’em) and I have lots of trees and potted plants all over the terraces. On the very top, which would be the fifth level, is a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. John Wayne had good taste.

This is a beautiful little colonial city. It was here long before the Spanish, led by Hernán Cortéz, conquered the area in 1519-1522. Cortéz even built a palace for his wife in the city center which today is right next to a Starbucks.

When your husband builds you a palace like this, you’re livin’ like a rock star

There’s a ton of construction going on in Cuernavaca. Just this year there was an earthquake that damaged a lot of buildings here. We’re in a valley surrounded by active volcanoes. I really need to make time to visit one.

The Duke lived in the house I’m renting

The house I’m in is beautiful and ancient. It’s physically attached to the Cuernavaca Cathedral which is under reconstruction due to the earthquake. My house was lived in by John Wayne for a while during a movie they filmed down here decades ago. I’m sleeping the in same room John Wayne slept in. That’s cool 🙂

Happy gringo

The house is huge. I have four balconies and one rooftop deck overlooking the city. The house has four levels and three living rooms. One person can really spread out here. Plus, it’s on a quiet restricted street in the middle of downtown. Everything is close by. Lovin’ Cuernavaca 🙂

Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca, México
Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca, México


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