Final days in Santiago, Chile

It’s time to hit the road again and see a new city. Santiago was a good place to relax for a while before seeing more of South America. Sadly, Santiago seems a bit rough around the edges and I didn’t enjoy my time here so much. It was just okay. Maybe it was my bad luck, but the people here seem surly and unhappy. Baristas at coffee shops seem to really dislike their customers and good service here is…lacking.

A small group of green parrots in downtown Santiago. These are beautiful birds that aren’t nearly as common as pigeons, but you can find them around parks. They just refuse to stand still for photos. The minute you get close, they take off. Smart birds 🙂

I suppose the worst thing, from my perspective, was the spoken Spanish here. I just really had a hard time understanding what the hell people were saying. It would be a good thing to study the local dialect at a school for a few months, but that won’t fit into my plans this trip. Adios, Chile.