Day 65 of retirement – Morelia, México

Here are a few words in Spanish you can use on your next holiday.

This is something I use regularly in restaurants. You can hang your backpack or purse, or whatever on this instead of using the floor or a chair. It’s a tripod called a, “perchera”.

“Traígame una perchera, por favor”. Bring me a perchera, please.

I’ve always referred to the trash as, “basura”, but to be more specific, here is a trash can; “un basurero”.

“Dónde está el basurero?” Where is the trash can?

If you want your Starbucks coffee in a “take-away” or “to go” cup, you ask for a cardboard cup.

“Una taza de cartón, por favor” A cardboard cup, please.

In just a few days, I’ll be on a bus to my next Airbnb destination; Toluca, Mexico. After being in Morelia for two weeks I ask myself if I could live in this city?

Morelia is beautiful – and almost no gringos 🙂


It’s nice and the city is currently designating a number of streets for pedestrians only. If I could find a nice house to rent on a pedestrian-only street, I might like it here. The temperatures are mild year-round, fantastic restaurants and I haven’t noticed any mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes.

A lovely meal in a hidden-away restaurant where I’m the only customer. Series 4 of Sherlock. Beer. Here is the second of five courses. Perfection.

These are a couple of photos from a late lunch yesterday. Just for the hell of it, I decided to see how much money I could spend if I maximized everything and walked out bloated. I had a five course meal at an expensive restaurant, three Coronas and tipped 25%. Total cost: 600 pesos, or $32 USD. This is an extravagant meal by Mexican standards.

Peace and quiet. Heaven.

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