Coffee in Guatemala

I’m writing this in the early morning from a sweet little coffee shop near my flat – Bella Vista Coffee. I love a place that opens early and this place opens at 6:00 every morning except Sunday (7:00). Sweet.

Bella Vista Coffee, Plaza Diez, Guatemala City

It’s very modern and they’re playing classic tunes from The Police.

Okay… 🙂

The barista is a sweet young thing. She gave me a pretty nice smile, but then, I suppose she’s paid to treat customers well.  She’s one of those people who speaks by barely opening their mouths. The Guatemalan accent throws me just a little. I’ve never heard it before. This girl spoke so fast with an almost closed mouth and with a slightly different accent – I struggled to catch everything she was saying. I need more practice with the local Spanish dialect.

Bella Vista Coffee; clean, modern, free wifi, not busy. This is my kind’a coffee shop.

I wanted to try some local café cuisine. I didn’t recognize anything on the menu, so I just chose something at random; “muffin huevo”.  They brought it to me a few minutes later.

Muffin Huevo. Not really my style, but it’s fun to try something different.

Gotta say – Guatemalan coffee is excellent – of course 😉

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