Buenos Aires, Argentina

The day before my flight from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, I discovered there was a national strike in Argentina. Reportedly 22,000 people missed flights in and out of Buenos Aires. Fortunately, I flew on KLM and not a national Argentine carrier, so my flight was not affected.

As is my practice when visiting a new country, after arriving I went straight to an Italian restaurant and had pizza and beer. The beer was great. I’ve heard Argentine pizza is not great. My pizza was…just okay.

As a matter of fact, the airport in Buenos Aires wasn’t crowded at all. My taxi sped quickly to my Airbnb; the streets were almost empty. The strike seemed to have made my travel day much easier.

Buenos Aires has the broadest streets of any city I’ve ever been in. Photos don’t do them justice.

So far, Buenos Aires seems very nice. Argentina is a country that has gone through many years of financial and political troubles, but the people seem to suffer it well. For the most part everyone seems friendly. A bonus for me is that the Spanish spoken here seems perfectly understandable. I had always believed Chilean Spanish would be easier to understand than the Argentinian dialect, but I was wrong. Sure, they use “vos” in Argentina, but for some reason I don’t seem to have trouble with it.

Happy days! 🙂

An example of the “vos” dialect of Spanish. It seems really strange to me.
The Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires.
The monument to the fallen of the Falkland Islands War, known in Argentina as, “Las Islas Malvinas”.
Buque Museo Fragata A.R.A. ‘Presidente Sarmiento’
Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America because of its architecture and heavy European influence.
The flag of Argentina