Asunción, Paraguay

Getting out of Brazil and getting into Paraguay was a bit more stressful than I expected. After taking an Uber to Sao Paulo (GRU) Airport, I went to check-in where they asked me for my yellow fever card.

Yellow fever card?


Final view of Sao Paulo before I left. The city doesn’t seem bad from up high.

As I planned this part of my trip, I hadn’t seen anything anywhere mentioning proof of a yellow fever inoculation. Crap!

At that moment I thought they wouldn’t let me board. Apparently Sao Paulo is having problems with the disease and Paraguay wants to protect itself against it. I explained I’d only been in Brazil for two days and only in downtown Sao Paulo. They shrugged their shoulders and discussed it between themselves for a few minutes and decided I was probably okay to fly.

Everyone ready to fly to Paraguay

I got to worry about that for a few hours. When I arrived in Paraguay I noticed the three immigration booths were plastered with large signs warning of yellow fever from Sao Paulo. They advised that everyone arriving from Sao Paulo must have proof of a yellow fever inoculation. After paying my $160.00 special entry fee for U.S. citizens, I was in line waiting for my turn and crapping my pants thinking there was no way they were letting me in the country 🙁

I tried to be extra pleasant as I greeted the immigrations officer. He asked me the normal questions of my address in Paraguay, how long I was staying, what is my profession, etcetera. Then he stamped my passport and welcomed me to Paraguay.


My hotel room door handle came off in my hand. Maybe Paraguay isn’t quite ready for prime time? 🙂

I had arranged for a driver to meet me at the airport and there he was waiting for me with my name on a sign.

Sweet again!

Paraguay is lush with tropical vegetation and humid!
Nice little restaurant attached to my hotel. Las Lomas Casa Hotel. Restaurante Musiu.
Preparing my fettuccine. Las Lomas Casa Hotel. Restaurante Musiu.
Fettuccine and local Paraguayan cerveza. Yay 🙂
Only two days in Paraguay. Now it’s time to head north to Panama City.